Common Signs of a Drainage Problem in Your Outdoor Space


It’s officially a Miracle March here in northern Nevada, and all of that snow and rain is just what our water supply needed. But has it taken a toll on your outdoor space? Drainage problems aren’t uncommon in our area, and you can typically blame things like poor grading and improperly-placed downspouts. Fortunately, identifying the cause is the first step in resolving the issue. Here are common indications you have a drainage issue, and what might be done to improve the situation.

Common Signs of Drainage Problems

  • Standing water – A soggy lawn is expected after a big rainfall, but puddles and standing water that last after the sun has come out can be a sign of trouble.
  • Yard erosion – Yard erosion can reveal itself with gullies carved by running water, mud on walkways, patios, or the driveway, and mulch or rock that’s been carried away from their original spot.
  • Water in the crawl space – Obviously, water where you shouldn’t have water is an issue, but look for water stains as well, which may not be as readily apparent but still indicate a potential problem. Standing water in these areas can cause serious mold issues if not addressed.
  • Bare spots in the lawn – Oxygen is limited by excessive water in the grass, so bare spots can signal areas that hold water after a storm.
  • Sunken spots around the foundation – Have a look at soil height against your home’s foundation after the rain. If water doesn’t drain quickly or the soil has been noticeably carried away, soil berms or an exterior drainage system to move water away from the foundation may be the best solution.

Resolving Drainage Problems

Ensuring that your outdoor space is properly graded is the first step. The slope of the land should drain water away from the house. When grading isn’t an option, a French drain or sump pump can be the best choice.

Downspouts should also extend far enough from the house – ten to fifteen feet, ideally – that water can’t pool around the foundation.

If you’ve identified a drainage problem in your outdoor space, Harris Landscape Construction can help. We’ve been resolving drainage issues in northern Nevada for decades, and we can address everything from grading and erosion control to French drains, dry creek beds and more. Contact us today.


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