Do I Need Professional Sprinkler System Maintenance?


With warm weather here in northern Nevada over the last week and more in the forecast, it’s time to start watering those budding trees and flowers. Our winter was fairly uneventful until March, but freeze/thaw cycles, winter winds, snow, and even just cold weather can wreak unseen havoc on sprinklers and pipes. Before you fire up your irrigation system for this first time this year, here’s why you might consider a professional inspection first.

It’s not uncommon for our team to find a number of issues with a given homeowner’s irrigation system. In many cases, minor fixes like adjusting or relocating sprinkler heads can help your system work more efficiently. We can also identify and resolve problems like wasted water, flooding, or inadequate watering. Ensuring that your irrigation system is running efficiently and without issue ensures that your landscaping will flourish.

Turning Systems Back On

If you’re sure you can manage without professional assistance, follow these steps to ensure pipes aren’t damaged.

  • Open the main water valve slowly, allowing water to fill the pipes gradually. Opening too quickly can lead to high-pressure surges and uncontrolled water flow, which can lead to cracking. If you’re not sure how to do this correctly, call Harris Landscape Construction and we’ll send someone out to open it properly.
  • Manually activate each zone from the controller to make sure everything is in working order. Look carefully to see that sprinkler heads are rotating correctly and providing adequate coverage with no leaks. Be on the lookout for low pressure areas, which can indicate a missing sprinkler or a line break. You can adjust heads as needed and you should also clean filters on any sprinklers that aren’t performing well.
  • Program the controller as needed to ensure automatic watering, and check to see if you need to replace the backup battery as well. Uncover and clean the weather sensor, if your system has one, and be sure to check the back flow preventer as well.

If any of that sounds intimidating, contact Harris Landscape Construction today. We’ll make sure your irrigation system is in perfect working condition this year!

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