4 Things You Should Never DIY in Your Outdoor Space


The summer months are when we spend more time enjoying our outdoor spaces. Between backyard barbecues or just time spent on the patio, it’s natural that we want to be outside. But what if you start noticing where your outdoor space can stand for a little improvement? In that case, it’s important to understand how you can safely improve your outdoor spaces yourself, and when you should definitely call a professional. Here are four things you should never DIY in your outdoor space.

Installing Gas Lines

If you’re thinking outdoor kitchen, fireplace, or fire pit, you’re probably thinking about running a gas line. Your very next thought should be finding a professional to run it properly. Installing gas plumbing can be challenging, and it’s important to have it both inspected and permitted, which will require a pressure test before connection. The installation of gas requires specific connections and parts, because it’s essential that the plumbing is air tight. Gas that leaks in or outside your home can have terrible consequences, so never DIY this step.

Adding Plumbing

If a working sink is another element of your dream outdoor kitchen, again, think professional. Plumbing systems that have been inexpertly installed and poorly configured will lead to leaks and spills – bad for your water bill, and a headache for you. Some plumbing update will also require permits.

Adding Electrical

We’ve written about outdoor lighting before, which is a wonderful way to enhance your outdoor space. However, it isn’t always simple or straightforward to install exterior lighting – especially if the lights are far away from your home’s meter and breaker box. It may seen like a cost-effective way to light up your outdoor space, but DIYing electrical in your outdoor spaces can lead to big problems:

  • crossed wires (which can lead to overheat and fires)
  • incorrectly-equipped voltage
  • shock hazards
  • inspection failure

Big Landscaping Additions

It’s one thing to add plants and flowers to your garden, run the lawn mower around once a week, give the bushes trimmed and the weeds at bay, and putter around doing general maintenance in your outdoor space. It’s another thing entirely to install patios, retaining walls, large-scale planting, and pretty much anything that requires permitting.

A thoughtful and considered design plan is essential to a successful project in your outdoor space, and Harris Landscape Construction here in Reno is committed to doing just that. Let us help you enjoy your outdoor spaces all summer long. Don’t DIY any of the projects we’ve outlined here – call us instead.

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