Seasonal Maintenance Tips for Your Pavers


Last week, we wrote about the advantages of pavers over concrete for your patios, walkways and driveways here in northern Nevada. And while durability is one of the benefits of choosing pavers, seasonal maintenance is still encouraged to keep your pavers looking beautiful and performing at their best. Here’s what to know about long-term paver care and maintenance.

General Paver Maintenance

To keep your pavers looking like new, use a coarse-bristle broom to sweep them a few times each year. In the spring, you can use a paver cleaner as well. Be on the lookout for weeds sprouting between pavers. In time, some weeds are strong enough to shift pavers. Applying a weed killer in spots that seem to attract weeds may be a good idea.

Cleaning & Protecting Pavers

Any cleaning product should be tested first in a small, inconspicuous area. Make sure to carefully read and follow all directions. If oil is spilled on your pavers, a granular oil-absorbing product should be used. Don’t rub – try to soak up the stain instead.

Northern Nevada winters can be surprisingly cold. If you’re using de-icing materials on your paver walkways, patios or driveway, be aware that they can increase surface wear on certain paver styles. If you decide to use them anyway, do so sparingly.

Keep in mind that the weakest point in your pavers is the joint between stones. Use jointing sand to keep them properly topped off – this will protect the sand-bedding layer and reduce the chance of shifting pavers.

Looking for Help?

If you’d prefer to have professionals maintain your pavers, contact Harris Landscape Construction. Our team will apply sand as needed, clean and seal your pavers for a looks-like-new finish. Long-term care and maintenance of your paver walkways, patios and driveway will help maintain their beauty and integrity for years to come.


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