Free Estimates on your Northern Nevada Landscaping Project


We’ve written before about winter being a great time to plan upcoming landscaping projects. Here in northern Nevada, autumn is almost as good. Between the mild weather and the often-improved availability, here’s why you should take advantage of free estimates from Harris Landscape Construction on your northern Nevada landscaping project this fall.

Free Estimates from Harris Landscape Construction

You have a great idea for a new patio, a shade structure, or an outdoor fireplace – but where do you begin? What does something like that cost? Having an idea of pricing gives you the information you need to budget properly, compare a few bids, and start building a plan for your landscaping project.

Here at Harris Landscape Construction in Reno, we’re happy to offer free estimates for your outdoor projects. Let us walk the site, listen to your ideas, answer your questions, and prepare a proposal – all at no cost. From there, we can schedule your project and get started turning your vision into reality.

Scheduling Your Landscaping Project

Planning a landscaping project shouldn’t be a rush job. If you’re envisioning cool spring evenings by the new outdoor fireplace, or putting that outdoor kitchen to good use next summer, use these tips for a realistic schedule.

  • Plan properly – Take some time to assess both the needs of your outdoor spaces (improved drainage or retaining walls, for example) and the things you want (that new paver patio).
  • Get your designs – Fall and winter are the best time to contact a landscape construction company like Harris Landscape Construction. After your free estimate, we can progress to comprehensive drawings for a visual of your landscaping project. And during the off-season, this is usually a much quicker process.
  • Get started – Early spring – and sometimes even late winter – is the best time to get your project started. Once the ground has thawed, work can begin. And if you’ve followed this schedule and started things in the fall, you’ll be first on your contractor’s list.

Get Started Now

If you’re considering a landscaping project in northern Nevada, start with a free estimate from Harris Landscape Construction. Contact us today.


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