4 Outdoor Features that Increase Home Value


Making your home functional and beautiful is satisfying on its own, but it’s even better when you can make it worth a little more. Fortunately, many outdoor living space features can boost your home’s value while also making your outdoor spaces more enjoyable. Here are four additions to outdoor living space that provide good returns to homeowners.


Patio space is a desirable feature in most homes, especially here in northern Nevada. The return on investment for a beautiful patio is often just over 100%, making this a smart choice if you have a blank canvas. Upgrading an existing patio with pavers brings an even better return – up to nearly 500%. An extra touch like professional outdoor lighting keeps the space usable when the sun goes.

Fire Pit

Recently, we wrote about the many benefits of adding an outdoor fireplace or fire pit to your outdoor space in northern Nevada. These are coveted additions in our area, which homeowners recouping close to 80% of costs associated with their installation.

Outdoor Kitchen

It’s estimated that homeowners adding outdoor kitchens break even when it comes time to sell. And in the meantime, they get to enjoy it themselves! One tip for building an outdoor kitchen – make sure to design the space around your grill, and factor for enough counter space for prepping, cooking, and entertaining.


Just like outdoor lighting makes your garden spaces usable when the sun goes down, a pergola keeps them comfortable during the day and into the night. Covering your patio means you can enjoy the outdoors even when the sun is at its highest, effectively extending your living space. 

As we head into October, see why fall and winter can be ideal times to begin planning your landscape project. Contact Harris Landscape Construction for a free estimate today.


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