Does my Property Need a Retaining Wall?


Retaining walls can be found on all kinds of residential and commercial properties here in northern Nevada. And when they’re done properly, you likely don’t even notice them. While they can be beautiful, the primary purpose of a retaining wall is expanding usable outdoor space and providing support for other architectural features. So, does your property need a retaining wall?

Retaining Wall Function & Purpose

Many retaining walls are designed to maximize usable space by turning what was previously unwalkable slopes into flat surfaces that can be transformed into gardens, patios, or walkways, or just space to play. A functional retaining wall may also be supporting features like your driveway or patio by keeping the land beneath them from sliding downhill. The wall itself helps to ensure the soil beneath these features remains stable. A retaining wall can also reduce water runoff by breaking the momentum of running water across what was a graded hill.

If your home sits on a hilly bit of land, flooding may not be an issue. But a retaining wall may be necessary to create space for entertaining. A series of short retaining walls could terrace the land in such a way that you really maximize the space. If your home is at the bottom of that slope, a retaining wall could protect against flooding and erosion.

Retaining walls built at sitting height can also double as additional seating in your outdoor spaces, particularly around gardens or near outdoor fire features – a nice bonus!

Building a Retaining Wall

Different materials can be used to build a retaining wall that’s both functional and attractive. These include:

  • Natural stone – appropriate for smaller walls or a more natural aesthetic
  • Segmented wall blocks – designed with an interlocking system for increased strength
  • Concrete – poured-in-place concrete can be the best option if flooding is a significant concern

Important Considerations

While a retaining wall could be a valuable addition to your outdoor space, there are some important considerations. Permitting is likely required, and there may be engineering requirements as well. Working with a landscape construction company like Harris Landscape here in Reno means those details will be handled, and you can rest assured that your retaining wall will be properly installed, making it beautiful and functional for years to come.

If you have a project in mind, contact Harris Landscape Construction today.


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