Four Reasons to Hire a Professional Landscape Construction Company in Reno-Sparks


Working with a professional is something you don’t think twice about when it comes to things like your teeth, your healthcare, or your legal advice. The same should be true when it comes to your outdoor spaces. While there are some things you may be able to DIY, that’s not true for everything. Here are four reasons to hire a professional landscape construction company here in Reno-Sparks.

A Wider Palette

It’s not always easy to look at your existing space and imagine the possibilities. Or you may assume it’s not possible to incorporate something fabulous you saw online or in a magazine. A landscape construction company is a great resource for exactly these scenarios. The professionals at Harris Landscape Construction in Reno have years of experience bringing ideas to life, and they can offer suggestions and recommendations for creating something truly wonderful. There are so many elements and features that can be added to outdoor spaces here in northern Nevada. From hardscape elements to water features, outdoor kitchens and fireplaces to lighting, you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised by what can be done when a professional is involved.

Local Expertise

Working with a local company is about more boosting the community. We understand how the climate affects landscaping elements here in Reno, Sparks, and northern Nevada, and we always take that into account with our designs and construction. Beyond ensuring that all plants added to your outdoor spaces will be hardy enough for our hot, dry summers (not to mention our freezing winters), we also factor for the role the local climate and weather have on landscaping elements like patios, shade structures, decks, and other hardscape features.

Installation Done Right

You don’t ever want to worry that your beautiful paver patio was installed improperly. And no one wants drainage issues or a questionable fire pit. When you work with a professional like Harris Landscape Construction, you’ll know with certainty that the design plan will be followed correctly and all technical details will be handled properly. We’ve emphasized quality, service, and unparalleled workmanship since opening in 1973, and we’ll apply those same principles to your project, too.

Save Time & Money

When you work with a professional, you’ll enjoy the perk of a timeline. That’s a big advantage over the DIY route, when you do your best to work on your project when you can find the time. Landscape design and installation are often a much bigger job than most homeowners anticipate, and it’s not uncommon to find very quickly that you’re in over your head. Plus, the costs tend to add up – quickly. Hiring a professional to do the job can actually save you time and money, since they already have the equipment, experience, and crews needed to finish things quickly and efficiently. The sooner you find the right company for your needs, the sooner you can start enjoying that beautiful new outdoor space!

If you have a project in mind here in Reno and Sparks, contact Harris Landscape Construction for a free estimate today.


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