What’s a Landscape Contractor, and Do You Need One?


Looking for a landscaper in northern Nevada can get surprisingly complicated, simply because there are so many companies with varying specialties. Do you need a landscape architect? A landscape contractor? A regular old landscaper? If you have yet-undefined plans to do anything that involves clearing and grading parts of your property, adding retaining walls or features like pavers, hardscapes, fire pits, ensuring proper drainage and irrigation, or installing outdoor lighting, well, you need a landscape contractor. Here’s why to know about landscape contractors.

What is a Landscape Contractor?

A landscape contractor like Harris Landscape Construction here in Reno installs design elements conceived by landscape architects. That means we can work directly with you to create the drawings that capture your vision, and then we can do the work necessary to bring that vision to life. Landscape contractors can have specialties and here at Harris Landscape, our specialties include installations of large-scale outdoor projects. We work closely with a great landscape architect to design outdoor elements that will suit your property and your budget, and we have all of the licenses necessary to successfully complete the work.

Other services a landscape contractor offers can include:

Some landscape contractors also offer maintenance services. Others specialize in commercial or residential work, and still others offer services like water audits to help streamline water usage.

Looking for a Landscape Contractor?

If you’re narrowing down your options for the right landscape contractor, start by asking for references and examples of completed work that’s similar to your project. Harris Landscape Construction offers free estimates, and we’re happy to answer all of your questions upfront so you know we’re a good fit. Contact us today!


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