4 Tips to Prepare your Outdoor Space for Winter


A little prep work can go a long way when it comes to your outdoor spaces. Preparing your landscape for the cold winter months here in northern Nevada will help it come back beautifully come spring. Harris Landscape Construction here in Reno and Sparks is sharing these DIY tips so you can get started. Follow these four tips to prepare your outdoor space for winter.

Aerate & Fertilize

Aerating turf gives water, oxygen, and fertilizer easy access to the root system. Aerating and fertilizing in quick succession gives the grass all of the nutrients it needs for a successful hibernation. Mid to late fall is the best time to prep turf for winter with aerating and fertilizing, ensuring the kind of root growth your lawn will need for a healthy start in the spring.

Rake Leaves & Tidy Beds

Keep lawns and beds clear of leaves until winter truly sets in. A bed of leaves on the lawn will block sunlight, which is necessary to keep turf healthy and help it resist disease as it begins prepping for hibernation. As you rake, make time to clear beds of dying or dead foliage and annuals. Removing these plants and any debris can help prevent insects from spreading to healthy plants, and it will help keep your outdoor spaces looking tidy even as colder weather sets in.

Add Mulch

The freeze-thaw cycles of northern Nevada winters can be hard on landscapes. Protect trees, shrubs, and plants from harsh elements with a thick layer of mulch. It creates a barrier that helps maintain the temperature of your plant beds, protecting the root system from front and helping them retain some level of moisture.

Winterize the Irrigation System

Properly winterizing your irrigation system will keep it protected from the elements. Skipping this step will likely mean expensive repairs in the spring, so have a professional like Harris Landscape Construction in Reno and Sparks properly winterize your system – and don’t wait.

With a little bit of effort, you can ensure your outdoor spaces are properly prepared for winter. If you need help shutting off irrigation systems, contact Harris Landscape Construction today.


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