3 Reasons Late Fall and Winter are Great Times to Talk to a Landscaper


We wrote last time about preparing outdoor spaces for winter. Once that’s done, many people stop thinking too much about their landscape. But this time of year is actually a great time to start making plans for upcoming projects. If you have even vague thoughts about landscape projects for next year, get started now! Harris Landscape Construction here in Reno and Sparks is sharing three reasons late fall and winter are great times to talk to a landscaper.

Take Advantage of Seasonal Lulls

It’s an exceptionally busy building time in Reno and Sparks, and landscape companies are hard at work with projects that were scheduled months ago. Get a jump on the process for next year by starting now. This is the best time to find a licensed company you trust (and determine whether you need a landscaper or a landscape construction company), start drawing up plans, and make important decisions so that you’re ready to get moving when the ground thaws in the spring.

Enjoy a Relaxed Timeline

Availability for local landscapers like Harris Landscape Construction drops dramatically when spring rolls around. That means now is the time to get on a landscaper’s schedule. Not only will you ensure that your project is first priority, you’ll allow for plenty of time to manage any and all parts of the process that can be effectively managed before installation. There are a lot of i’s to dot and t’s to cross when you’re adding a new outdoor landscape feature, and starting early means these can be handled in a leisurely, stress-free fashion.

Get a True Sense of Any Existing Landscape Issues

Before tackling a brand new outdoor project, it’s important to identify any existing issues with irrigation or drainage. Take the opportunity during adverse weather conditions to see how your landscape performs with things like freeze-thaw cycles, rain, snow, and our high Sierra winds. If you notice problems, it’s a good idea to take photos so you can bring it up with your landscape construction company before any projects begin.

Harris Landscape Construction is a certified company here in Reno and Sparks that welcomes outdoor projects of all sizes and budgets. If you have a project in mind, contact us today and let’s make a plan. We’ll get you scheduled now so that we’re ready to begin come warm weather.


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