4 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Landscaper in Northern Nevada


Reno and Sparks are home to a number of landscaping companies in their many different forms. If you have plans for a new outdoor space next year, it’s important to begin with the right company. Before you can bring those dreams of an outdoor kitchen, fireplace, or water feature to life, take the time to find a landscape company who can handle the job. Harris Landscape Construction has been offering quality craftsmanship on outdoor projects in Reno and Sparks since 1973, and we bring our experience, credentials, and commitment to customer service to every job we do. We understand the importance of finding the right company, so we’re sharing these four questions to ask before you hire a landscaper in northern Nevada.

How Does the Process Work?

Asking upfront what to expect from the beginning of the process to the completion of installation can avoid unpleasant surprises. Get an idea of how many face-to-face meetings you can expect, budget estimates, timelines, and other details that should be laid out before you agree to move forward. This is a good time for clarification about licenses, permits, contractors vs subcontractors, and other aspects of the process.

What is the Projected Cost?

Fees for a landscape construction project will vary depending on the scope and complexity of the project itself. After explaining your vision, any company you’re considering should be prepared to provide a detailed estimate outlining what your project will cost, along with a timeframe for installation and a completion date.

What’s the Projected Timeline?

While there are always potential issues that can delay your timeline, such as weather or permitting issues, your landscaping company should still be able to give you a projected timeline for beginning and completing your project.

Can You Provide Examples of Recent Local Work & Referrals?

Looking at the work of a potential landscaping company will give you an idea of their ability and range. Check out at least a few recent jobs, and ask for referrals so that you can speak to previous customers.

In Reno and Sparks, Harris Landscape Construction is happy to answer all of these questions and more if you have a project for your outdoor spaces. Contact us today.


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