The Timeframe Misconception in the Landscape Industry


There’s a persistent and widespread misconception in the landscape industry, and it relates directly to timelines. The understanding among the general public seems to be this: if you want to enjoy your newly designed outdoor space in the summer months, early spring is the best time to start getting bids. The truth is that by the time spring rolls around, you’re already way behind schedule.

Don’t Wait for Spring

We’ve written before about why winter is the best time to engage a landscaper. The benefits of starting early include:

  • Seasonal lulls – Local landscape companies, like Harris Landscape Construction are hard at work with projects that were scheduled months ago. Finding a licensed landscaper you trust shouldn’t be rushed, which is another reason to take advantage of the slow winter season.
  • A Calmer Timeline – The schedules of quality landscape companies fill up quickly. By spring, they have a list of projects that will keep them busy through the fall. Engaging your landscaper early means making room to effectively manage the project from the very beginning.

What Now?

A post like this may be useful in the fall months, when you have time to act. But what now? It’s spring! And you had big plans for that beautiful new outdoor kitchen, or upgraded that cracked concrete patio to pavers, or finally dealing with your landscaping issues with that new retaining wall! What are your options now?

It’s true that reputable landscapers have been scheduling jobs for months, but it’s still worth reaching out about your project. In Reno and Sparks, Harris Landscape Construction has already begun various residential and commercial projects. But depending on the circumstance, there may be an opportunity to get your project completed in time to enjoy the early fall months. Either way, it’s a good idea to investigate your options, so we invite you to contact Harris Landscape Construction now. Just don’t wait any longer.


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