Three Reasons Proper Irrigation is Essential for any Landscape Design


No matter how big or small your outdoor spaces, they share the common need of proper irrigation. Without it, you’ll soon find yourself dealing with a number of issues that aren’t just unsightly, but wasteful. Here are three reasons proper irrigation is essential for any landscape design.


While a beautiful landscape can convey a sense of effortlessness, there’s a lot of thought and planning that goes into a cohesive design. From color schemes to design themes, the goal is always a balanced effect. But without effective irrigation, all of that careful planning is at risk.


When you invest in your outdoor spaces, you have an expectation that the design will mature properly. That’s reasonable, of course! But without proper irrigation, none of your greenery – trees, shrubs, flowers – can grow properly. There is a lot of potential in a freshly-installed landscape, and a fully functioning irrigation system is a critical component to ensure the space lives up to that potential.

As the customer, you need to be sure that any landscape design being presented to you includes an irrigation system. If the company presenting the plan doesn’t bring it up, ask why.

Appropriate Use

Different plant species need different amounts of water – but your new paver patio doesn’t need any. An effective irrigation system reduces waste and keeps the water where it’s needed. Here in northern Nevada, we need to be mindful of responsible water usage.

Proper irrigation also reduces overwatering, which is evident in soggy patches or water that runs over hardscape elements, or worse, water in a crawl space or basement.

Does Your Irrigation System Need Help?

If your irrigation system isn’t running as it should, Harris Landscape Construction here in Reno can help. Our irrigation experts can help you establish a watering plan and a system that will meet the needs of your outdoor space. Contact us today to get started.


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