The Benefits of Drip Irrigation in your Northern Nevada Landscaping


Water efficiency matters, especially here in the high desert of Northern Nevada. Homes in Reno, Sparks and the surrounding regions need to be conscious of water usage indoors and out. That’s where drip irrigation really shines. You might be surprised by how much of your outdoor space can be adequately watered with drip systems. Today, we’re sharing the benefits of drip irrigation in your Northern Nevada landscaping.

Efficiency in Design

Traditional sprinkler heads release gallons of water per minute to a wide space. The idea is that throwing a bunch of water out will mean it eventually reaches the roots that need it. But evaporation and wind can impede that, depriving the roots and plants the water they need to thrive. One workaround is to schedule watering for earlier in the morning. Another option is to ensure that water isn’t spraying onto hard surfaces, and to install high-efficiency nozzles and pressure regulators. And the best option is to install drip irrigation.

By design, drip irrigation is far more efficient. It releases gallons of water per hour, not per minute. Water drips slowly onto the soil surface, where it sinks directly to the root zone. Drip irrigation is a targeted method of watering that minimizes waste. While it’s not suitable for watering turf, it can be used almost everywhere else in your landscaping. Other benefits of drip include:

  • Ease of installation: There’s no need to level the land or dig extensively, and you can easily expand or reposition your drip irrigation as needed.
  • Reduced risk of fungal disease: Because water application is so targeted, you aren’t left dealing with tons of wet foliage that can encourage disease.
  • Targeted water practices: That mean reduced weed growth and optimal watering for your plants.

Making the Switch

If you’re interested in upgrading your irrigation to incorporate drip, the professionals at Harris Landscape Construction can help. Contact us today, and let’s make a plan for efficient watering at your northern Nevada home.


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