It’s Time to Winterize Northern Nevada Irrigation Systems


We’ve enjoyed a beautiful autumn here in northern Nevada, with slow-turning leaves and mild temperatures. If you haven’t already switched off your sprinklers, don’t delay. According to local weather reports, we’re in for a cold snap this weekend, with temperatures dropping close to single digits. And that means it’s time to winterize your northern Nevada irrigation system. 

Check Outdoor Faucets

Start by uncoupling your hoses from exterior faucets. If left connected, expanding water could cause damage to the faucets. While you’re there, take a quick look for leaks or drips. You’ll want to get those serviced now, to avoid problems when temperatures dip. If your exterior pipes have interior shut-off valves, this is a good time to shut them off.

Shut Down Sprinklers

Follow the directions from your irrigation system manufacturer to properly shut off your sprinklers. You’ll need to be sure there’s no water left in the pipes. It’s not an overly complicated process, but if you prefer to leave it to a professional, we understand! Harris Landscape Construction has a few openings left on our schedule for irrigation winterizing, so contact us today. Winterizing your irrigation system properly will mean minimal issues come spring, so it’s a good idea to be sure it’s done properly. Then you’ll be ready to enjoy the cooler weather!


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