What’s the ROI for Professional Landscaping Design and Installation?


The idea of a maximizing your return on investment (ROI) plays into a number of home renovations and upgrades, and landscaping is no exception. But it’s important to hire an experienced design professional to help you navigate the design and construction process. A professional design can yield a higher level of quality and returns on investment up to 150% while also increasing the value of your home. While pinning down an exact number is difficult, here are three specific landscape design/build projects that can yield a high ROI.

Upgrading Concrete

Replacing aging concrete driveways, walkways and patios with paving stones adds instant curb appeal. These stones are available in multiple styles, textures, shapes and colors, so it’s easy to implement a  design that complements your home’s aesthetic. Plus, they’re more durable that concrete, which means a much longer lifespan. Hardscaping projects as a whole tend to offer high returns on investment.

Low-Maintenance Water Features

We recently wrote about pond-less water features in northern Nevada home and how much less maintenance they are for the home owner.  Water features without ponds offer all the benefits of running water without the constant upkeep. At Harris Landscape Construction, we can bring your vision of a dynamic water feature to life, contributing to your ROI and transforming your backyard. Plus, it’s an easy way to ensure future buyers will fall in love with your home’s outdoor space.

Large Specimen Trees

Installation of mature trees are appealing to many buyers, and they can add thousands to a home’s value, while also enhancing your space. While there is an initial upfront cost to install a large caliper tree in your yard, the return on investment grows year by year.   

Landscape Design

Benefiting from these landscape features and others comes with a caveat — professional design and installation. Without an expert’s eye to create a thoughtful, cohesive plan and an experienced team to manage the construction and installation, you run the risk of a landscape that feels disjointed, shoddy and unsafe.

True landscape design means that a professionally trained landscape designer creates a plan to accomplish a number of goals:

    • Maximize investment
    • Create a relaxing and/or entertainment setting
    • Add value to a home
    • Beautification of outdoor areas
    • Privacy from neighbors or traffic
    • Security for your family and pets

At Harris Landscape Construction in Reno, our team can offer professional landscape design and construction services to help you create an outdoor space that you’ll enjoy for many years, with great ROI and quality craftsmanship to last a lifetime. Contact us today to learn more about Harris Landscape Construction and how we can help you meet your goals and vision of your future landscape  project.


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