Dreaming of Backyard Swimming in Reno this Summer?


Pools may be more common next door in California, but they aren’t unheard of in Reno and Sparks. More homes than you may think have traditional in-ground pools, and that number is only  increasing. With warmer weather on the way, many people are thinking ahead to hot summer days. If you’re dreaming of swimming in your own backyard, read on to learn about critical first steps.

Know Your Options

Many of us picture a traditional, in-ground installation when we think of backyard pools. But there’s a growing segment of pools that are pretty amazing. Container or modular pools are entirely self-contained, which means the pump, electrical heater, jets, etc., aren’t housed separately in a pool room. These pools come in a few standard sizes and have a number of other benefits. They’re generally more affordable than traditional in-ground pools — between 20 to 40 percent less expensive — and can be customizable. They work well in smaller spaces, and they can be moved if you ever sell your home and want to take your pool with you.

Traditional in-ground pools have their own advantages, including classic aesthetics, more options in size and shape, various entry and exit points, and more available features. But regardless of your desired pool option, you’ll benefit from starting with a game plan. And in Reno and Sparks, Harris Landscape Construction can help you through the process.

Start with a Conceptual Design

Whether you’re planning a container or an in-ground pool, an important first step is contacting HLC to walk through the design process. If you’re considering a container pool, HLC can handle many of the necessary steps to streamline the installation. There’s more to a great container pool set up than filling a shipping container with water — you want to do this properly, and a conceptual design is a great place to start. Our team can help you create a perfect backyard oasis that will work perfectly with your new pool and ensures it meets necessary specifications to fully support its weight. We will coordinate with our partner companies for electrical or plumbing needs to make sure your container pool is properly prepped for full enjoyment.

For those thinking about adding in-ground pools, a conceptual design is just as important. A pool should work in harmony with the surrounding features, and a design plan will offer a sense of the relationship between the new pool and the existing outdoor living elements. Once clients have an idea of what they want in their outdoor space, as well as a realistic budget, they can reach out to pool contractors to begin the interview process.

Many of the best pool contractors are booked out a full year in advance. If a new pool is something you want, it’s time to start planning now. Contact HLC to get started.


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