Why Your Nevada Landscape Contractor Absolutely Needs a License


If you’re considering landscape companies for an upcoming project on your property, you may finding yourself choosing between licensed and unlicensed contractors. While the price tag is often the biggest incentive for homeowners, there’s more to the decision-making process than that. Here’s what differentiates the two, and why your Nevada contractor absolutely needs a license.

It Establishes a Certain Standard

Everyone wants to deal with honest, trustworthy contractors, and that’s particularly true if you’re inviting someone onto your property to perform work. A license is a sign that someone has proven their experience and expertise, and that they have a vested interest in doing things the right way. When you’re considering hiring someone who isn’t licensed, what guarantees do you have about their ability to the job properly?

It Reduces Risk

Contractor licensing exists to reduce risk for homeowners. By choosing from a pool of licensed contractors for your landscaping projects, you can be fairly confident that you’ll end up with a reliable company that can handle your project. Of course, it’s true that even licensed contractors can do bad work, so it’s important that you do your homework before signing anything. Ask to speak to existing customers and look online for reviews.

It Protects the Homeowner

If something goes wrong and your unlicensed contractor doesn’t have the necessary liability and/or worker’s compensation insurance, goes who’s on the hook? You, as you’ll likely be considered the “primary contractor.” Think about the risk here – everything from worker injury or death on your job to any damage to your home during the project. And all because you wanted to save a few bucks? It’s really important to think through the potential issues and whether you’re comfortable with that risk.

Harris Landscape Construction is licensed, bonded, and insured, with decades of experience. If you have a residential or commercial landscaping project, we’d love to answer your questions about how we can turn your dream into reality. Contact us today to learn more.


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