4 Benefits of Professional Landscape Design (And Where to Get it in Reno)


Really great landscaping tends to have a strong design element behind it. There’s a lot of planning and detail that goes into it, with trained professionals drawing on their experience and knowledge for a design that will look great now and mature beautifully over the years. Homeowners often find this out after they’ve begun a project, only to realize they’re in over their hands when the finished project looks nothing like they’d hoped. The truth is, working with the pros tends to save you time, headaches, and unnecessary costs, with a greater return on investment. Here are four benefits of professional landscape design, and where to get it in Reno.

A Better Design

A thoughtful landscape design accounts for a number of considerations, including your home’s architectural style, any irrigation and drainage needs, growing patterns, existing features, and all the wonderful new details you’d like included, to create a cohesive, integrated space that you’ll enjoy for many years to come. Incorporating all of these elements successful means understanding all the logistical and technical details they require and ultimately means a better design. It’s a stark contrast to DIY projects that lack the necessary planning and vision.

More Efficiency

If you’ve ever fallen in love with how a particular plant, shrub or tree looks at the store, only to find yourself digging up the dead thing within weeks or having to pull it out years later because it’s completely outgrown the space, you’ll appreciate this benefit. One of the side effects of good landscape design is greater efficiency. A professional landscape construction company like Harris Landscape Construction here in Reno, with our in-house landscape design services, means your finished outdoor space is designed for the environment. Inefficient landscapes are expensive and time-consuming, requiring constant upkeep. But one that’s been created specifically for the space saves time, money, and effort.

The Right Experience

These days, you can likely rent all of the equipment you need to completely redesign your landscape. But do you have the experience to do it properly? Consider the time you’ll need to invest to do what a professional landscape team could do. Consider whether the finished product will truly be comparable to what the professionals can do. It’s not an exaggeration to say that your project will be completed faster, more effectively, more cost-efficiently, and with better results if you let the professionals do their thing.

A Bigger ROI

Homeowners tend to opt for DIY projects in the backyard because of concerns about the cost of professional landscaping. And it’s certainly true that you’ll spend more money upfront. But over the long term, it’s money that’s very well spent. Proper construction and installation create a higher-quality landscaping project, and you’ll benefit not only from curb appeal and even higher home values, but from a space that you’ll be able to truly enjoy.

Landscape Design in Reno

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your outdoor space, learn more about the benefits of incorporating quality landscape design. Contact Harris Landscape Construction in Reno today to get started.


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