Light Up Your Landscaping – Tips from Harris Landscape Construction


One of the biggest visual impacts you can make to your home’s landscaping is with the addition of lighting. Professional residential landscape lighting not only serves as a deterrent to criminal activity, it enhances the beauty of your landscaping and makes outdoor spaces usable no matter when the sun goes down. But before you head down to the hardware store for something off the shelf, consider the benefits of hiring a professional to light up your landscaping.

Expertise & Experience

Outdoor lighting kits may seem straightforward, but the process can be more challenging than the promotional messaging on that box set may lead you to believe. Part of the allure of really exceptional outdoor lighting is in its positioning. Landscaping companies with experience will make sure to position outdoor lights in spots that will accentuate your outdoor space and provide light where you need it.

An Outdoor Lighting Plan

When you hire a professional for your landscape lighting, you’re getting more than just the lights. A company like Harris Landscape Construction will design and install landscape lighting, ensure that you get the right lights for your outdoor space, ensure that all codes are met and permits are pulled, and complete the job safely and efficiently.

What About DIY?

If you’re considering the DIY approach to outdoor lighting, you should keep a few things in mind.

  • Fixture quality: As a consumer, you may not have access to the same professional-grade fixtures as the pros. Cheaper fixtures won’t be as durable, meaning your outdoor lighting system may require replacement sooner.
  • Time & effort: Be clear that installing landscaping lighting can be difficult physical labor, and that working with electricity requires some degree of knowledge to avoid potential injury.
  • Overall project quality: And then there’s the art of positioning. Are you able to properly determine how much light your landscape needs? It would be frustrating and costly to install a system yourself, only to discover that it’s much too bright or not bright enough.

Price it Out

If adding lighting to your outdoor space is a project on your list, consider the benefits of working with a professional. Harris Landscape Construction in Reno is happy to offer a free estimate for this or any landscaping project. All you have to do is call us at 775-747-3100 or use our easy contact form. We’ll be in touch quickly to schedule a free estimate.


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