The Beauty & Function of Xeriscape Landscaping in Northern Nevada


Xeriscaping is nothing new, but in the last few years, it’s grown tremendously in residential and commercial landscaping applications. Here in the high desert climate of northern Nevada, water conservation is always a consideration and xeriscape landscaping can effectively reduce and even eliminate the need for watering. If landscaping is part of your 2018 plan, here’s what you should know about the beauty and function of xeriscaping in northern Nevada.

What is Xeriscape Landscaping?

At its core, xeriscaping meets the aesthetic needs of the homeowner while working with existing resources. Here in northern Nevada, xeriscape landscaping often features hardy native foliage and dry rock formations, as well as techniques like soil grading, mulching and plant design designed to maximize rainfall retention.

This means that a landscape design will favor drought-tolerant plants instead of large, grassy lawns, while incorporating hardscape elements like boulders, pavers, dry-creek beds and rocks. Efficient irrigation systems are also an important part of effective xeriscaping, with drips that deliver water directly to a plant’s base, avoiding water loss due to evaporation. Plant arrangement is also carefully considered. Your landscaper should consider each plant’s water needs so that each is watered appropriately.

What are the Benefits of Xeriscaping?

There are many benefits to xeriscaping here in northern Nevada. This kind of landscaping is:

  • Ecco-friendly, with minimal irrigation
  • Low maintenance
  • Beautiful & climate-appropriate

And despite what you may have heard, xeriscaping doesn’t mean you’re stuck landscaping with cacti. You can maintain beautiful color and texture in your landscaping, all while staying eco-friendly and low maintenance. In fact, xeriscape landscaping can be completely tailored to your lifestyle – all you need is an experienced landscape construction company. And that’s especially true if you’re hoping to incorporate hardscape elements like pavers, rock walls, dry creek beds, etc.

For more information about xeriscaping and how you might incorporate it into your landscaping, we invite you to contact Harris Landscape Construction now. With decades of experience here in northern Nevada, we can help bring your xeriscape landscape project to life.

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