Northern Nevada Winter Landscaping Tips From Harris Landscape Construction


A major landscape project may not be in your immediate plans, but you may still want to keep your outdoor spaces tidy and healthy over the winter season. Try these northern Nevada winter landscaping tips from the pros at Harris Landscape Construction.

Maintaining the Garden & Lawn Over the Winter

Keep lawns clear of debris like twigs and leaves before snowfall. We haven’t had much of that this season, but northern Nevada is unpredictable at best. Even without snow, we’ve had freezing temperatures overnight. In the early mornings, avoid walking on frozen turf, which can break blades of grass. If you have a pond or water feature, keep them clear of debris, branches and leaves (especially after any wind storms).

Perennial beds should have between two to four inches of mulch, and it’s not too late to add it if you haven’t yet.

Maintaining Trees & Shrubs Over the Winter

Trees, shrubs and the lawn all need supplemental water during extended dry spells. It’s not true that plants and lawns don’t need watering over the winter season, but rather that winter storms do the watering. When we have long periods without precipitation, it can result in stressed plants that may not recover come spring time.

It’s best to water in the late morning, so that root zones won’t freeze. Hand watering may be a better option than firing up the irrigation system, especially if it’s already been winterized.

Deciduous trees and shrubs can be lightly pruned in the winter. Any branches damaged by winter storms should also be immediately pruned, and heavy loads of snow should be shaken off or lightly swept with a broom.

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