Go Native – Why Using Native Plants in Your Landscape Design Matters


Northern Nevada poses a unique climate challenge when it comes to landscaping. Between the altitude, the dry climate and the four seasons, there are lots of plants that just won’t survive here. But there are just as many that will truly thrive. Using native plants in your landscape design is the best way to create a beautiful space that’s low maintenance and eco-friendly.

Easier to Maintain

If you don’t live here, you may find it hard to believe, but northern Nevada is no stranger to harsh conditions. High winds, freeze-thaw cycles and driving snow can do a number on non-native plants. When you use homegrown plants in your landscape design, not only are they hardier, they often require minimal care and maintenance. Since these plants have evolved with local soil and our high desert climate, they don’t need as much attention.

Saves on Water

Plants native to northern Nevada are inherently drought-tolerant. Once you’ve established these plants in your landscape design, you’ll be able to curb water use to the recommended TMWA schedule. And that’ll save a little money, too.

Curbs Pesticide Use

Again, native plants are acclimated – and that includes natural defenses against local insects. You may be able to forgo the use of pesticide use, or at least curb it, and that’s better for you, your family, and the environment.

The Xeriscape Approach

Using native plants is an integral part of xeriscaping, a form of landscaping that uses existing resources to meet the homeowner’s needs and wants. If you’re interested in a landscape design that incorporates native plants, or you’d like to learn more about a xeriscape design, Harris Landscape Construction is happy to answer your questions. Remember, now is the time to plan for spring and summer landscape work. Let us show you how you can add natural, native beauty to your outdoor spaces, all while helping the environment.

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