6 Signs Your Outdoor Space Needs a Landscaper


Your home is an investment, and your outdoor spaces are a critical element of your home’s overall aesthetic from the outside. Outdoor spaces that have been thoughtfully designed and are well maintained can make one home stand out from the rest. Conversely, even just a few landscaping missteps can negatively impact how your home is perceived. Here are six signs your outdoor spaces need a landscaper.

Dying Plants & Grass

There are many reasons plants die, from insufficient oxygen to the root systems or not enough sun. A landscaper can recommend plants that will thrive here in northern Nevada, and where in your garden they should be placed. And with professional plant installation, you’ll know your plants will be handled with expert care for the best chance at strong root establishment.

Dead grass is usually a sign of improper watering – which could signal an issue with your irrigation system – or you may be cutting it too short when you mow the lawn. It may look tidy, but exceptionally short lawn height can strain the root system. Determining the right frequency and length of watering time can also be challenging. A company specializing in irrigation systems can help you find what works for a healthy lawn.

Drain Issues

A proper irrigation system must take into account a number of factors. When irrigation is laid poorly, you wind up with pooling water, flooded crawl spaces, and other headaches. Landscaping – including patio areas – should be slightly sloped away from a home for proper run-off, and gutter downspouts should be in working order as well.

Pest Problems

Here in northern Nevada, we have our share of pest problems, with animal issues too. Voles, rabbits, even deer can wreak havoc on your plants, while pests can target vegetable patches and fruit trees. Knowing what to plant and how to detract pests and animals is important.

Irregular Pavers

It’s easy to find someone to install paver patios and walkways, but not everyone is properly trained. And within just a few seasons, inexperience reveals itself in the form of sloping and irregularity.

Lack of Lighting

Adding lighting to your outdoor space is one of the biggest visual impacts you can make. Not only does it help deter criminal activity, it makes your outdoor spaces usable at all hours while enhancing their beauty. The trick is in proper positioning of the lights.


A thoughtful outdoor space is often one that began with a plan, instead of just randomly planting here and there. For a cohesive outdoor space, everything should work together. It’s important to plant with a plan, which doesn’t come naturally to everyone. This is another area where a licensed landscaping company can be important.

If any of this seems familiar in your outdoor spaces, a landscaper may be just what you need. The experts at Harris Landscape Construction in northern Nevada are here to help. Contact us for an estimate on your landscaping project today.

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