Three Benefits of Residential Outdoor Lighting


By mid October here in northern Nevada, it’s clear that winter is on its way. Nights are starting earlier, making it a good time for residential outdoor lighting. If your outdoor lights are limited to those by the front door and maybe the garage, it’s time to re-think outdoor lighting. Adding lights to your walkways and around the property is a great way to not only extend your outdoor space, but truly make the most of your yard. Here are three benefits of residential outdoor lighting.

Enhance your Home’s Aesthetics

One of the most obvious benefits to outdoor lighting is the upgrade to your home’s appearance. Proper positioning of exterior lights will highlight both your home and your garden spaces, making them stand out even after the sun goes down. But outdoor lighting isn’t about just making your home look beautiful – it’s functional too.

Expand your Outdoor Space

If you’ve spent time and money creating beautiful outdoor spaces at your home, don’t let darkness keep you from enjoying them. Light up your patio and walkways, and you’ll not only expand your outdoor space in warmer months, you’ll make them safer when it’s too cold to spend time outside.

Improve Safety & Security

Many criminals seize opportunity as it comes up, and a dark entryway can be appealing. Adding lights to your home’s exterior makes it easier for you to get in and out of your home after dark, it makes it far less inviting to potential intruders.

The landscaping season slows down beginning in October, making this is a great time for a free estimate from Harris Landscape Construction. We’ll work with you to add professional outdoor lighting to your home so you can enjoy the benefits we’ve shared here. Contact us today.


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