Three Reasons to Consider Xeriscaping in Northern Nevada


One of the challenges to landscaping here in northern Nevada is accommodating our high-desert climate. Unfortunately, there are a number of beautiful plants and trees that simply won’t survive our freeze-thaw cycles. But there are many amazing options that work wonderfully with existing resource conditions. Here are three reasons to consider xeriscaping in northern Nevada.

The Function of Xeriscaping

Striking a balance between the aesthetic needs of the homeowner while accounting for local climate and resource conditions is the purpose of xeriscaping. The word comes from Greek and roughly translates to “dry landscaping.” That means this kind of landscaping needs fewer resources and generates less waste.

  • Plant choices – Xeriscaping enhances landscaping to reduce demand for water. Drought-tolerant plants, trees, and shrubs are chosen from native options to ensure they’ll thrive in our local climate. Plus, they’re often arranged in a manner that’s specific to their watering needs.
  • Efficient irrigation systems – A key factor in xeriscaping is using efficient irrigation systems that deliver water directly to the plant’s base. That means less water lost to evaporation.
  • Versatile – While the goal is to incorporate native plants along with hardscape features like rocks, paver patios and walkways, xeriscaping is incredibly versatile. Your outdoor space can be designed to suit your personal preferences and goals. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that xeriscaping in northern Nevada means incorporating endless sage and boulders. There are lots of ways to make your outdoor space low maintenance and native without sacrificing style and appeal.

Making plans for outdoor landscaping even as we head in November is a smart move. If you’re considering xeriscaping for your outdoor space here in northern Nevada, contact Harris Landscape Construction for a free estimate and consultation today.


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