Three Tips for Protecting Your Pavers this Winter


Pavers are a beautiful upgrade to walkways, driveways and patios in your outdoor spaces. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, they’re strong and durable. Still, the freeze-thaw cycles here in northern Nevada can stress just about anything left outdoors. To ensure your patios and walkways continue looking and performing their best, here are three tips for protecting your pavers this winter.

Start by Sealing

The right sealant will create a protective layer between your pavers and the elements, so you can keep them safe from weather-induced chips, scrapes, and erosion. A sealer will also repel water, which will help keep your stones from seeping moisture. Water and ice can cause serious damage within pavers, so this is an important defense mechanism.

Sealers come with a few different options, like grit for creating a non-slip surface, or penetrating to absorb into the pavers. The professionals at Harris Landscape Construction can offer recommendations for sealants, or even do the work for you. Sealing pavers isn’t particularly difficult, but it can be time consuming with a series of steps to follow. For a free estimate, contact us today.

Skip the Salt

Salt is often used to melt ice on slippery outside surfaces, but it should be avoided on paver stones. The corrosive effect of salt can cause damage that will become apparent in the spring. Not only can the surface be affected, salt in melting water can seep into the pavers and freeze again. The freeze-thaw cycle of this salty water can lead to discoloration, flaking, and more. Make sure to read labels carefully if you need a de-icer – salt is often an added ingredient.

Keep them Clean

Do what you can to keep your pavers clear during the winter. A big broom will brush small amounts of snow away quickly, as well as leaves and debris. The longer these substances sit on your pavers, the greater the chance for stains and other issues. If you’re shoveling, use extra caution on your pavers.

If you have questions about getting your pavers ready for winter – especially with the series of storms in the forecast! – contact Harris Landscape Construction today.


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