Do You Need to Manage Outdoor Spaces in the Winter?


Here in northern Nevada, December has already brought us freezing temperatures, snow on the valley floor, and our usual high winds. Clearly, this isn’t a time for gardening! Or is it? Do you need to manage outdoor spaces in the winter? While there’s no need to do too much, it’s still a good idea to perform some routine maintenance during the winter. Here’s what Harris Landscape Construction suggests.

Your Lawn & Gardens

It’s a good idea to keep your lawn free of twigs, leaves, and other debris before it snows, which can all smother the grass. And during these extremely cold mornings, try to avoid walking across the frozen grass, which are broke to breakage when they’re coated in ice. If you have a water feature or pond, make a point of clearing branches and leaves, especially after any high winds.

If you have flower beds with perennials, two to four inches of mulch will keeps things warm over the winter. If you haven’t added mulch already, it’s not too late!

Your Trees & Shrubs

Trees, shrubs and your lawn should receive supplemental watering during extended dry spells, and that’s true year-round. In the winter, storms should do the watering, but long periods without snow or rain in the valley can be very stressful to plants, shrubs, and the lawn. Come spring time, they may not fully recover.

At this point, no watering is needed. But take note if we move into several weeks with no moisture and consider hand watering in the late am so the root zones don’t freeze.

You can also lightly prune deciduous trees and shrubs during the winter months. Make sure to prune any branches damaged by winter weather, and shake off excessive snow loads on branches to avoid damage.

These simple tips will keep your outdoor spaces tidy and maintained through the winter so they’re ready for warmer weather in a few months!

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