Do I Need a Reno Landscaper, Landscape Designer, or Landscape Architect?


If you’re read our suggestions for beginning landscaping projects for your northern Nevada home in winter months, you may be looking online for the right company for the job. And if you’re a little surprised by the many distinctions in the landscaping industry, well, you aren’t alone. There are quite a few specialties in the world of landscaping. Here’s what to know about the nuances so you can decide whether you need a Reno landscaper, landscape designer, or landscape architect for your project.

Isn’t it All The Same?

If you assumed that all landscapers essentially provide the same service, it can come as a surprise to learn that’s not necessarily the case.

  • Landscapers – These are the professionals you call for the installation of new trees, plants, and shrubberies. These companies can replace or modify existing plants and materials, install new sod, or put in new garden beds. Sometimes, landscaping companies also offer maintenance service – they’ll come and mow your law weekly, rake up leaves, and perform fall and spring lawn care.
  • Landscape designers – If you’re envisioning an entirely new landscape for your outdoor spaces, landscape designers are trained and qualified in garden design. You can expect a blueprint for your new landscape with appropriate care given to things like balance, proportion, texture, colors, and overall unity.
  • Landscape architects – If your project involves big new features, like patios and walkways, pergolas, water features, fire pits, or an outdoor kitchen, a landscape architect should be involved.

Harris Landscape Construction

Here at Harris Landscape Construction, we’re proud to work closely with designers and architects to create the landscape you’re dreaming about. As an insured and certified landscape construction company, we have the experience, the licenses, and the qualifications to do the job right. If you’re looking outside at your cold, barren yard, let’s get to work right now! Take advantage of our free estimates and let’s start planning your new outdoor space.

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