Four Benefits of Leaving Landscape Design & Installation to the Pros


There’s so much more to professional landscape design and installation than simple aesthetics. A design that gets better over time is often the product of professional work, but that’s not the only reason to consider hiring an expert. Here are four benefits of leaving landscape design and installation to the pros.

It Boosts Property Value

Healthy, maintained, and established outdoor spaces are an asset. Not only do they improve curb curb appeal, they can also create usable living spaces that can be enjoyed here in Nevada in the spring, summer, and early fall months. From welcoming patio spaces and shade structures to outdoor kitchens and fireplaces, there are so many functional, beautiful features that can be added to turn your outdoor space into an oasis. A professional, like those here at Harris Landscape Construction in Reno and Sparks, can work with you on a design that will suit your budget and lifestyle, all while boosting property values.

It Reduces Erosion

Every landscape is at risk of some level of erosion, simply because of changes in the weather. Sudden downpours can wash away soil – and the nutrients hidden inside – from your garden beds. Even worse, it can loosen rocks and dirt that serve as foundational elements. Fortunately, proper landscape construction can help prevent erosion by using existing elements and smart engineering.

It Reduces Water Waste

Water conservation should be a priority, particularly here in northern Nevada. Poorly planned landscaping can lead to irrigation problems like standing water or wasted run-off. A team like Harris Landscape Construction has the experience to design and install an irrigation system that will take care of your plants without waste.

It Saves Money over the Long Term

Paying someone good money to do a poor job is frustrating, especially when you have to pay someone else to fix the mess the first person made. A poorly installed landscape project means trouble on the horizon, so make sure it’s done properly the first time.

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