Northern Nevada Landscaping Tips During Heat Waves


With area heat advisory in effect here in Reno, it’s a good time for a post about landscape care during heat wave. Just like people need special care when the temperature soars skyward, the same is true for your outdoor spaces. Here are tips from Harris Landscape Construction for adjusting your landscaping care during heat waves.

Revise Your Watering Schedule

We’re fortunate that our evening temperatures still cool down, making for mild mornings. Make a point of watering deeply in the mornings when it isn’t too hot out. If it isn’t possible to water before you leave for work, you can do so in the early evening. Drip irrigation will ensure that water reaches its intended destination. If your outdoor spaces aren’t yet using drip systems, Harris Landscape Construction can offer recommendations and pricing.

Add Mulch

A thick layer of organic mulch around your plants will help keep soil temperatures down. It also retains moisture, helps minimize weeds, and improves the health of your soil.

Move What You Can

Potted plants should be moved to shady areas if possible. Darker pots can heat up much more than the ground, and plant roots are susceptible to frying. Try to avoid areas with reflective heat as well. If moving your plants isn’t an option, a temporary shad cloth is a good alternative.

Pay Attention

Keep an eye on your plants’ leaves. When it’s hot and sunny, leaves wilt to minimize the surface area exposed to the sun, which limits transpiration and sunburn. It’s a neat defense mechanism, but it should be temporary. If your leaves aren’t perking up again int he evening or after they’ve been watered in the morning, it could be an indication that your plants are getting too much or not enough water.

The very best defense against extreme heat are healthy, established plants. A landscaping project that’s been installed properly should be sturdy enough to withstand even northern Nevada’s summer heat, especially if you incorporated xeriscaping. If your landscaping isn’t up to snuff, or you have visions of a new outdoor space, contact Harris Landscape Construction today.


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