The Benefits of Hiring a Professional for Landscape Lighting


One of the best ways to enhance your home’s curb appeal is with exterior lighting. Unfortunately, the difference between DIY lighting and professional residential landscape lighting is often glaring. While any kind of outdoor lighting may serve as a deterrent to criminal activity, poorly-placed or inadequate lighting does little to enhance your landscaping or make outdoor spaces usable after the sun goes down. Here’s why it pays to hire a professional for landscape lighting.

The Right Experience

As a landscape construction company serving customers here in Reno and Sparks, Harris Landscape Construction has installed countless exterior lighting projects. We have the skill set to perform the installations safely and correctly, and we have the experience needed for appropriate positioning. The appeal of truly flattering outdoor lighting is all in placement. Knowing what to put where to perfectly accentuate your home’s landscaping while also providing light where it’s needed isn’t as easy as it sounds, and there really is no substitute for experience.

A Plan from Start to Finish

Proper exterior lighting begins with a plan. When you work with a professional, you can expect an initial design, the installation itself, high quality materials, and all of the necessary permitting. The right company will make sure the job is done right, from start to finish.

A Faster Timeline & Quality Installation

Properly installing exterior lighting can be complicated. Working with electricity requires the right skill set and the right materials and products. Ask yourself whether you feel comfortable making those decisions yourself. And keep in mind that a licensed professional has access to professional-grade fixtures that may be more durable than what you can buy as a consumer.

Getting Started with a Professional

The shorter, darker days of winter are a good time of year to notice exterior lighting. If you’d like to learn more about how professional exterior landscape lighting could change the appearance and functionality of your outdoor spaces, contact Harris Landscape Construction today for a free estimate.


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