Easy Tips for Energy-Efficient Landscaping


Landscaping should be as functional as it is beautiful, a balance that comes from the right planning and experience. That’s why savvy homeowners opt for a skilled and knowledgable landscape construction company to complete their project. Here’s another bonus – a good landscape company can make recommendations for landscaping that will ultimately save you money in the form of reduced heating, cooling, and water costs. Whether you partner with Harris Landscape Construction here in Reno or take your chances with another local landscaping company, remember these tips for energy-efficient landscaping.

Create Shade

Creating shade on windows and walls that face south and west will help protect your home from direct sunlight during hot summer months. The more shade you can create, the cooler you can keep your home, and the more you can save on cooling costs. Deciduous trees – those that lose their leaves in the winter – will pull double duty when they’re strategically planted for shade. In the winter months, the bare trees will allow winter sunlight in – another potential savings when you’re trying to keep your home warm.

Add Insulation

Creeping vines or shrubs can actually help provide insulation to a home all year round. While you shouldn’t encourage vines to climb directly on the house – they’ll create access points for insects sooner or later – planting them about one foot away will still do the trick.

Build a Windbreak

Strategic positioning of specific elements within your landscaping can offer protection against northern Nevada’s ferocious winter winds. This is another way to help reduce heating costs over the colder months.

Go Native

Xeriscaping is an excellent way to feature native plants that are drought-friendly. Hardscaping elements will also reduce your water consumption, while simultaneously adding function and interest.

The Takeaway

The professionals here at Harris Landscape Construction will assess your existing property and work with you to create a beautiful, energy-efficient outdoor space that works for your lifestyle. Our team knows how to factor for things like exposure, slope, wind direction, and other considerations, all of which can impact your utility bills. Contact us today, and let’s talk about your plans.


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