Four Lawn Care Tips in Northern Nevada this Autumn


We’ve officially turned the corner into autumn, and it’s evident all over northern Nevada. Cooler temperatures, yellowing leaves, and pumpkin decorations are everywhere. While Harris Landscape Construction specializes in hardscape elements for your outdoor spaces, we do know a thing or two about lawn care. Maintaining your lawn now will keep it looking its best through the winter and next spring. Here are four lawn care tips for your northern Nevada home this autumn.

Don’t Stop Watering Yet

Sustain your lawn’s growth by continuing to water until the first freeze. Local news outlets are pretty good about predicting our first cold snap, so keep your irrigation on and an eye on the weather. If you’re unsure of the best way to winterize your irrigation system, the pros at Harris Landscape Construction can helpcontact us today to schedule an appointment.

Keep Mowing

Your lawn will continue to grow as long as it’s being watered and getting adequate sunlight. Whether you do it yourself or pay a local lawn service, make sure to keep it no longer than three inches and no shorter than two inches. Cutting it shorter than that will impede its ability to make and store food for its dormant period over the winter.

Keep it Free of Leaves

Grass needs sunlight, so keep your lawn free of leaves and debris. A blanket of leaves left over fall and into the winter could mat and create mold growth. Make a point of raking and bagging those fallen leaves.

Now is the Time to Fertilize & Aerate

Prep your lawn for spring now with an application of winterizing fertilizer. Aerating will also create space for the roots to breathe so they can properly absorb water and nutrients.

Keep in mind that autumn and winter are good times of year to start planning landscaping projects. If you have visions for your outdoor space, contact Harris Landscape Construction today and let’s make a plan for spring.


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