The Best Time for Landscaping in Reno and Sparks


If you’re enjoying these beautiful fall days here in northern Nevada, you may be wishing you’d made a few outdoor projects happen over the summer. It’s true that spring is the best time of year for landscaping projects, but it’s followed closely by autumn. The fact is, September, October and November are great times for landscaping in Reno and Sparks, because they give you a head start on next year.

Seasonal Lulls

The agreeable weather makes this a busy building time in Reno and Sparks, and landscape companies like Harris Landscape Construction are hard at work with projects we scheduled months ago. But making plans now for your project will give you a leg up come spring. You should start by finding a licensed company you trust, and you can do that by deciding whether you need a landscaper or a landscape construction company.

You’ll have plenty of time to vet your options, and when things slow down for the crews, they’ll have time to devote to planning your project in full. Getting all these ducks in a row over the seasonal lull ahead means you’re ready to hit the ground running  when the ground thaws in the spring.

A Relaxed Timeline

Availability for local landscapers like Harris Landscape Construction drops significantly in the spring. But by getting organized in the fall and early winter, you can secure your spot on a landscaper’s schedule. That makes your project a priority. Plus, waiting for spring means plenty of time for your landscaper to handle all of the parts of your project that can be managed prior to install. It makes for a smoother, more efficient process down the road.

Identify Existing Landscape Issues

It’s prudent to identity an existing landscape issues before jumping into a new outdoor project. That’s especially true if you have any concerns about drainage or your current irrigation system. Again, by getting the process started now, you’ll have time and opportunity to observe your landscape during adverse weather conditions. Snap a few photos if you notice standing water, water running across places it shouldn’t be (like the driveway, walkways, patio, etc.), or anything else that seems troublesome. Then you have evidence to show your landscaper before the work begins.

Harris Landscape Construction is a certified company here in Reno and Sparks that welcomes outdoor projects of all sizes and budgets. If you have a project in mind, contact us today and let’s make a plan. We’ll get you scheduled now so that we’re ready to begin come warm weather.


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