Should You Hire a Landscape Designer for Your Northern Nevada Outdoor Project?


If you’re researching landscapers here in Reno and Sparks for a spring project, great timing! But even preliminary research makes something very clear – there are a lot of options for what you might have assumed was all the same job. The right company will depend entirely on the unique demands of your project, but there are specific instances when one kind of landscaper is a better option. Here’s how to tell if you should hire a landscape designer for your northern Nevada outdoor project.

The Landscape Designer

Designed landscapes add value, and not just to property value. An inviting, livable outdoor adds value to your quality of life. And creating a space like that takes planning and vision. If all you need are some new plants and trees installed, or you want to hire someone for regular maintenance, a landscaper will do a great job. But if your plans involve sweeping changes to your outdoor space, big additions like hardscape elements, pergolas, or elevation changes, you’re making quite an investment. And you need someone who understands fundamental design concepts like proportion, balance, perspective, unity, color, texture, and how to apply them outdoors.

Landscape designers and architects work closely with companies like Harris Landscape Construction. They handle the design elements, and licensed companies like HLC expertly bring that vision to life with craftsmanship that will last a lifetime.

A Good of Thumb

A good rule of thumb that will help you narrow down your choices for the right landscaping company is to consider your budget. If you’re planning to spend more than about $30,000 to upgrade your outdoor space, it’s worth spending the money to do it right. As you vet companies, make a point of asking whether a landscape designer will be doing the planning. If not, keep looking until you find a company that has this option.

For projects in Reno and Sparks, Harris Landscape Construction understands the important role a landscape designer plays. We’ve collaborated with experienced designers on countless amazing projects, and the difference is truly night and day. Contact us now to learn more about our recommendations for your project and the value a designer might add.


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