A List of Winter Landscape Construction Projects in Northern Nevada


While January in Reno and Sparks may not seem like an ideal time for landscape construction projects, there is work that can be done. At Harris Landscape Construction, we recommend speaking with a landscaping company during the winter months to begin the design and estimating process if you have plans for a spring or summer project, simply because schedules fill up quickly. Winter is a slower season, and you might find that a company has more availability than other times of the year. To give you an idea of what we mean, here’s a short list of winter landscape construction projects here in northern Nevada.

What Work Can be Done?

We’ve written before about the benefits of contacting a landscape company in the off season. From seasonal lulls to a more relaxed timeline, this approach takes advantage of the cooler weather and its impact on outdoor projects. But that doesn’t mean no work can be completed when it’s cold out. Winter landscape construction projects in northern Nevada can include:

    • Grading and drainage
    • Hardscape elements including pavers and retaining or seat walls
    • Underground utilities including gas, electrical lines and irrigation
    • Outdoor kitchens, Fire features, and landscape lighting
    • Accent boulders
    • Shade structures

This kind of work during the winter requires some flexibility to accommodate inclement weather. But over the winter in northern Nevada, it’s not unusual to get a stretch of unseasonably warm or dry weather, often for weeks at a time. And it’s a golden opportunity for HLC to complete a number of projects for our clients. 

Tackling what we can during the winter gives our clients a jump start on enjoying their landscaping once the weather warms. By completing certain projects during the winter, we can often check off the bulk of a project’s work before the weather warms. What’s left is often largely softscape materials.

Can Plant Installations be Done in the Winter?

It’s our preference here at HLC to install plantings in the spring, when the irrigation systems will be on to help the new plants thrive. Fortunately, this part of the project goes much faster than things like hardscape elements or shade structures. And while there are some companies in Reno who will install plantings during the winter, that requires homeowners to maintain the plants until the irrigation system can be safely turned on. It’s additional work for our customers that we prefer to avoid.

Next Steps

If you’re considering a landscape project in 2021, now is the time to contact a landscaping company. Knowing what you want will help narrow your choices to the right kind of company — a true landscape construction company or just a landscaper. Remember to check for appropriate licenses and ask for reference.

Contact Harris Landscape Construction in Reno today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about winter work. We’d love to hear about your plans so that we can prepare a conceptual design with recommendations and estimates.


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