Is Autumn a Good Time for Landscaping Projects in Northern Nevada?


Mid August here in northern Nevada often means high temperatures and a return to school. Even though the days are warm, we’re facing the unofficial wrap-up to summer. If you’re wondering where summer went, because you had big plans for your outdoor spaces that never quite came to be, now is the time to move. While spring is when many outdoor projects begin, autumn is also a good time for landscaping projects here in northern Nevada. Of course, there’s a catch.

Autumn Landscaping Projects

It’s been a particularly busy year for Harris Landscape Construction, and for any other company with a good reputation. It makes sense. Successful outdoor projects begin with the right contractor, and the good ones tend to fill their schedules early. The end of summer and early fall is historically a busy time for landscape contractors, since they’re busy wrapping up projects. If you’re hoping to begin and complete a project in your outdoor space before winter, you’ve likely missed the window.

Finding a reliable company takes time, which means companies like HLC already have projects lined up through autumn. Use this time to research your options, get some referrals, and create a short list of companies you’d like to consider. Then you can schedule consultations, ask your questions, and get estimates for completing your project in the spring.

It’s disappointing to know that while autumn is a great time for landscaping, you’re likely too late if you aren’t already on a contractor’s schedule. Still, that gives you time to get organized for next year.

In Reno and Sparks, HLC is happy to help you start the process. Contact our team today for a free estimate.


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