Fall is the Best Time for Grass Seeding


DIYers, this post is for you! Fall is one of the best times of the year for grass seeding, and Harris Landscape Construction here in Reno is sharing best practices and guidelines for grass you can be proud of come spring and summer.

Trouble Spots

Between pets, kids, and environmental conditions, most lawns have at least one “trouble spot” that will benefit from seeding. Properly prepping a lawn for the cold winter months is key to ensuring it will come back next spring looking great. Here’s what to keep in mind:

    • Seed selection. The goal here is to choose a seed blend that will work in northern Nevada. Luckily, manufacturers make this pretty eyes, with labels that indicate sun mixes, sun/shade mixes, or shade mixes. That mean a blend of different grass species that will work for various growing conditions.
    • Timing. The seeding window runs into late September in our part of the world. That will give the seed lots of time to properly germinate and establish before heavy frosts begin. For fall dormant seeding, you’ll put down grass seed before the ground is frozen—usually November—when temperatures are too low for germination. That means the seed will stay dormant until warmer weather in the spring. If you go this route, it’s a good idea to mulch or use a very thin layer of soil.
    • Water requirements. The golden rule of grass seeding is if it dries, it dies. Without water, your seed won’t germinate. Make sure to stick to a light water scheduling several times a day  so the grass can fully establish. Heavy watering will just wash away the seed, so don’t overdo it.
    • Germination. Weather conditions and grass species will dictate the speed of germination. With good weather and growing conditions, it can be as fast as four to seven days or as long as three weeks before germination begins.

You won’t be mowing much as we heading fall and winter weather, but be sure to avoid germinating spots if you do a few final mows. For help shutting off and winterizing irrigation systems, contact Harris Landscape Construction in Reno today. And happy fall!


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