Four Ways to Prepare your Outdoor Space for Winter in Northern Nevada


We’re fortunate to enjoy all four seasons in northern Nevada, but that means your outdoor spaces need a little seasonal attention. As we head into fall—and with the first in a series of winter storms in the forecast—there are a few things your landscaping needs now to ensure it’s at its best next spring. If you’re the DIY type, Harris Landscape Construction is sharing four ways to prepare your outdoor space for winter in northern Nevada.

Lawn Care: Aerate & Fertilize

Aerating your lawn ensures the root system has the water, oxygen, and fertilizer it needs. When you aerate and fertilize in the fall, you’re setting up your lawn with all the nutrients in needs for a productive hibernation. The best time to prep your lawn for the winter is mid to late fall. Aerating and fertilizing during this timeframe helps ensure the root growth it needs for a healthy start next spring.

Flower Beds: Rake, Trim & Tidy

It can be challenging to keep your lawn and flower beds clear of leaves, but it’s important to do so until winter weather is here to stay. Leaves on the lawn may be pretty at first, but they can block sunlight. Your lawn needs sunlight to stay healthy and resist disease as it prepares to go dormant. Make time to rake leaves on the lawn and in the beds, clearing them of any foliage or annuals that have died or are already dead. Not only does this keep your outdoor space looking tidy, it can help keep insect populations from spreading to healthy perennials.

Trees, Shrubs, Plants: Add Mulch

In northern Nevada, we have freeze-thaw cycles. It’s important to protect trees, shrubs, and plants from these cycles with mulch. A nice, thick layer around the base of trees, shrubs, and in plant beds creates a barrier that helps maintain the temperature of the beds, protects the root systems from frost, and retains moisture.

Winterize Irrigation Systems

Properly winterizing your irrigation system will keep it protected as we head into cold temperatures. If you don’t shut down your sprinklers properly, you could be dealing with pricey repairs when you turn it on again in the spring. If you aren’t clear on all the steps, it’s a good idea to bring in a professional. Contact Harris Landscape Construction in Reno and Sparks to properly winterize your system, and reach out now to get on the schedule.

A little work now will go a long way next season, so make a point of tending to your outdoor spaces during this beautiful autumn we’re enjoying here in northern Nevada!


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