The Best Patio Cover for Northern Nevada Homes


If you’re picturing a beautiful pergola shading your patio next summer, you may be envisioning a classic wooden structure. But increasingly, aluminum patio covers are being used as an alternative. It makes sense. Between their durability, performance, and color options, aluminum patio covers have their benefits, particularly in a high desert climate. That’s what makes them the best patio cover for northern Nevada homes.

Aluminum Patio Covers

If you’re worried about aesthetics, you’ll be happy to know that aluminum is a versatile metal with all kinds of options for a show-stopping pergola. It comes in a number of stylish color for a finished look that’s very high end. Plus, it will look great for decades to come.

This is also a great option if you aren’t interested in a lot of annual maintenance. Traditional issues—think high winds, insects, UV rays, freeze-thaw cycles—don’t pose the issues they do to traditional wooden pergolas. At most, you may want to power wash your pergola in the spring time to clean it up after the winter. Compared to the annual upkeep associated with wood, particularly in our area, this has a lot of appeal.

Durability and performance are hallmarks of aluminum patio covers. Issues like high winds, insects, UV rays and other natural elements won’t pose any issues. At most, you can expect maintenance for your aluminum patio cover to involve power washing it at the beginning of the season just to clean it up after wet winters.

One of the drawbacks to aluminum patio covers may be higher costs. They tend to take more expertise to install, and the current supply chain shortage is driving prices up across many industries. You won’t know until you call, though, so if a patio cover is on your wish list for next year, now is the time to start making plans. We invite you to contact the experts at Harris Landscape Construction for more information about patio covers here in northern Nevada. Take advantage of our free estimates now!


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