4 Tips for an Amazing Outdoor Entertaining Space


A great outdoor space to entertain friends and family rarely happens by accident. Whether you have an expansive deck, a welcoming patio, a built-in barbecue, a pool, fire feature, or other outdoor elements, some thought likely went into how it might best be used. If you’re looking at patchy grass and a cracked concrete patio, it’s time to think bigger! In Reno and Sparks, Harris Landscape Construction specializes in making outdoor spaces you’ll enjoy year-round. Read on for our four tips for an amazing outdoor entertaining space.

Start by Considering the Three F’s

Just like interior spaces, flow, form, and function should be guiding principles in the design stage of an outdoor space. Think about how one space moves into the next, and how your family and friends will interact and use specific areas. You’ll want to factor for a few things as you envision various entertaining spaces:

  • How specific spaces will function
  • How much room different activities need
  • Whether a certain space can serve multiple functions
  • Pathways and steps that will lead from one space to another
  • Surface materials that will accommodate activities and function in various areas

Keep in mind that surface materials are a versatile way to add interest, create definition between spaces, and create a common theme.

Build Micro Areas

Just as your home has different rooms and spaces, so can your backyard. Maybe you want specific areas for games, a dedicated kitchen/grilling spot, an area for dining, and space for relaxing and conversation. Yards with clearly defined spaces tend to make ideal entertaining spots, and they often share a few common traits:

  • Raised planters
  • Trees, shrubs, and ornamental grass
  • Low walls and fences
  • Terraces
  • Patios and decks
  • Walkways
  • Shade structures like pergolas and gazebos

Incorporate Special Features

It’s surprisingly easy to follow all the rules and still end up with a space that feels a little… boring. Work in a few special details to add interest. Water and fire features, beautiful plants, a mix of textures and colors, and professional outdoor lighting go a very long way!

Remember to Follow a Style and Theme

There are so many exciting things to incorporate in an outdoor space, but too many competing elements can make things feel disjointed. It’s important to establish a theme in your space and to choose elements that will work together visually. Part of the enjoyment of a space is how it looks in addition to how it functions.

Getting Started

At HLC, we specialize in creating amazing outdoor spaces. From the design stage to construction to completion, we have the licenses, experience, and skill sets necessary to see your project through entirely. If you have visions of an outdoor space, we can help you make it a reality! Contact us today to learn more about next steps.


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