6 Kinds of Exterior Lighting for Your Northern Nevada Landscape


Here in northern Nevada, school is out and summer is officially in swing. While the weather has been a little inconsistent, people are still firing up the grill and enjoying more time outdoors. But if you find yourself heading indoors when the sun dips because your backyard is just too dark, you’re missing out! Fortunately, there’s a solution. Adding outdoor lighting around your home and outdoor space is as practical as it is aesthetically pleasing. Here’s what to know about six kinds of exterior lighting for your northern Nevada landscape.

Options for Exterior Lighting

Modern outdoor lighting systems are efficient, effective, highly practical, and when they’re installed properly, have a beautiful effect. Depending on the result you’re after, you have options.

  • Uplights. This kind of lighting is often used to highlight specific architectural features or landscape elements. Lights are placed at or slightly above ground level and angled to illuminate things like ornamental trees and shrubs, hardscape elements, garden art, and more. Light intensity and the focus of the light are both important considerations.
  • Downlights. Downlighting, as the name suggests, involves lights that are pointing downward to illuminate specific areas on the ground or along a wall. These are good options for safety considerations, like illuminating steps or elevation changes, and also work well along walkways. Because of the angle of the light, they also minimize light pollution.
  • Underlights. Often used in hardscape features, under lights can be directly integrated into elements like rock walls, patios and beneath benches, ledges, or steps. They’re a low-profile option for subtle illumination intended to brighten what might otherwise be a very dark area.
  • Strand lights. Also known as bistro lighting, strand lights are a versatile option for overhead lighting. They’re typically found on pergolas and shade structures or even along fences, and make for a good DIY project.
  • Task lighting. This kind of lighting is useful for areas like outdoor kitchens, grilling stations, and sports courts — anywhere you really want to be able to see what you’re doing. There are multiple options and configurations for this sort of lighting.
  • Water feature lighting. If you’re fortunate enough to have an existing water feature, adding lights can make them even more beautiful.

Ready to Learn More?

Solar lights dotted around the yard are one option, but for cohesive, unobtrusive, and thoughtful outdoor lighting, you might want to consider working with a professional. There are endless options for lighting styles, types, and features, and working with a contractor like Harris Landscape Construction here in Reno means you have access to quality products you wouldn’t necessarily find at the local hardware store. Plus, our landscape designer has the experience and expertise to light up your outdoor spaces in the most flattering and functional way possible. Contact the HLC team today to get started!


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