3 Considerations for Backyard Fire Pits in Reno, Nevada


Adding a fire pit or fireplace to your outdoor space can change everything. Not only is it a smart investment that will likely pay for itself if you choose to sell, it’s versatile. Here in northern Nevada, a fire feature can be enjoyed throughout the year, whether you’re roasting marshmallows, relaxing, socializing, or just enjoying its warmth. Today’s fire features come in virtually endless options, which means there are a few things worth thinking through. Here are three considerations for backyard fire pits in Reno.


Consider the primary role of your fire feature. Do you picture a stunning focal point framed by seating and accessories? Do you want it to serve as a welcoming gathering place, or a spot for family time and s’mores? This will help you zero in on the right size and style of your fire feature.

Fuel Source

Options for fuel source include wood-burning or gas, but keep in mind that city and county laws must be considered. Your options for permanent structures may be limited to one type of fuel source depending on where you live, but here’s what to know about both:

  • Wood-burning fire pits are often quicker to install, but you will have to factor for storing, lighting, and cleaning.
  • Gas fire pits are easier to light and more eco-friendly, but you’ll need a gas line installed by a plumber.


From fire pits to fire bowls to fireplaces, there are lots of options out there. Figuring out want you want means considering budget, available space, function, and fuel type. You can get permanent or semi-permanent fire features, so think about your goals with adding a fire feature. Does the idea of being able to move it from one location to another appeal to you, or would you prefer creating a permanent spot for your fire feature? Consider style too — fire features can be ultra modern, traditional, or rustic, and it should coordinate with your existing style aesthetic for a cohesive feel.

The Bottom Line

The right fire feature can change your outdoor space dramatically, and it’s worth doing right. The experts at Harris Landscape Construction here in Reno have installed fire features of all sizes, scales, types, and budgets, and we’re happy to answer questions about your project. Contact us today to get started.



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