The Best Patio Cover for Your Reno Home


In late July and August, the sun is relentless here in northern Nevada. It can make enjoying your outdoor spaces a challenge — unless you have a patio cover. But between the sun and our four seasons, not to mention freeze-thaw cycles, the traditional wooden structure may not be the wisest choice. The pros at Harris Landscape Construction are sharing tips on the best patio cover for your Reno home.

Aluminum Patio Covers are Ideal

Yes, really. Metal patio covers still have a bad rap thanks to the earliest versions, which were flimsy, prone to rusting, and truly an eyesore. But today’s aluminum patio covers look nothing like their predecessors, and their performance is unrivaled. A few highlights:

  • Ultra low maintenance. Instead of scraping and staining or painting every year, metal cleans up nicely with a sponge and some soapy water. Plus, you won’t have to worry about insects damaging the wood.
  • Longer lifespan. One of the biggest selling features of aluminum is its lifespan. You’ll be able to enjoy it for many, many years to come, and it’ll look great the entire time.
  • Impressive durability. Wind, snow, rain, UV rays, and other natural elements don’t threaten aluminum pergolas the way they do wooden structures.
  • Versatility. Customize your pergola to show-stopping effect. There are all sorts of options for a stylish, very high end structure in terms of the design and colors.

Traditionally, metal pergolas were a more expensive option than wooden versions because of manufacturing costs. These days, lumber costs are still high, so the best way to estimate costs is by reaching out. If a patio cover is on your wish list, start making plans now. We invite you to contact the experts at Harris Landscape Construction for more information about patio covers for your Reno home, so take advantage of our free estimates now!


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