Looking for Residential Outdoor Lighting in Reno?


We’re officially into autumn and here in northern Nevada, there’s a noticeable chill in the air early in the morning. Leaves are starting to change color, and the days are getting shorter. For many people, this highlights the appeal of exterior lighting. We understand the motivation, but professional landscape lighting can highlight your property’s best features to make a statement anytime of year. If you’re looking for residential outdoor lighting in Reno, the professionals at Harris Landscape Construction are here to help.

Five Benefits of Professional Landscape Lighting

While you can certainly stick a few solar-powered lights around your landscaping if you want to go the DIY route, there are benefits to bringing in a professional team.


Thoughtful lighting can amplify the best parts of your landscaping and home, while avoiding typical DIY pitfalls like dark corners, voltage issues, and harsh lighting that washes out the feature you’re trying to subtly illuminate. The right angles and shadows are a big part of lighting design, and it’s something that tends to come with experience and expertise.

Greater efficiency

There’s more to functional, beautiful exterior lighting than most people realize. A professional will create a lighting plan designed to beautifully light your home and landscaping. That means no small yet significant details (see above!) are overlooked. And if you’re having lights installed as part of a bigger landscaping project, it means everything will be executed at the right time to avoid delays and setbacks.

More choices and options

When you work with a professional, you have access to so many more options than you think. Landscape professionals have access to architectural specifier-grade products that will look and perform better and last longer than the limited options you can buy at the local hardware store. The finished project is also much more custom.

The “wow” factor

Like landscaping in general, there’s really an art to exterior lighting. When it’s done well, exterior lighting adds ambience, distinction, and curb appeal. But done badly, poorly-lit, poorly-placed exterior lighting might have the wrong color temperature or beam spread and actually ding your home’s curb appeal.

Saves money in the long run

You’d think that a DIY job with products you buy online or locally will save you money. But in many cases, these lower-quality fixtures require replacing and repairs. Over the long run, you’re better off spending more money upfront for a job done right. And when you work with a licensed contractor like Harris Landscape Construction here in Reno on your residential outdoor lighting, you get the additional peace of mind that comes with knowing our work is guaranteed.

Getting Started

After investing money in your landscaping, show it off to its best advantage — even when the sun goes down. Professional landscape lighting is the one of the best ways to do just that. In Reno and Sparks, Harris Landscape Construction has offered exceptional landscape lighting services for many years. Contact us today to learn more about adding lighting to your landscaping.


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