Does Your Reno Landscape Project Need a Landscape Architect?


Many people planning landscaping projects look for the services of a general landscaper. But like any industry, there are niches within the landscaping industry and many landscapers specialize in specific skill sets. Understanding what differentiates a maintenance landscaper from a landscape construction company and a landscape designer is a good way to zero in on the professionals who will best serve your project. That brings us to the landscape architect—an expert you’ll find here at Harris Landscape Construction in Reno. Read on for all the benefits of this kind of specialized landscaper, plus tips for deciding whether your Reno project need a landscape architect.

What is a Landscape Architect?

A landscape architect is similar to, but distinct from, a landscape designer. The main differences include educational requirements, training, licensing procedures, and the types of project these professionals are best suited to managing. A landscape architect will often have a greater level of technical knowledge and experience with structural and plant design. A landscape designer’s training is based on the outdoor application of design concepts like proportion, balance, color, texture, perspective, and unity.

Fortunately, Harris Landscape Construction in Reno has both experts on staff. That means, depending on your project, you’ll benefit from their respective skill set. If you’re planning to spend $30,000 or more on a landscaping project, these are the experts you want on the team. That’s because more complicated projects, with details like different elevations, property grading, and the blending the new additions to established landscaping elements, benefit from the expertise of experienced professionals with a deep grasps of space planning, balance, and layouts.


A well-planned outdoor space offers so many benefits to homeowners. It’s the setting for gatherings, relaxing, stargazing, and connecting with loved ones—a place for so many memories to be made. That’s why partnering with a landscape designer — or a company like HLC, which offers a landscape architect, a designer and the landscape construction company your project will need — makes so much sense.

In Reno and Sparks, contact us today to learn all about the value a landscape architect can add.


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