3 Ways to Find the Right Landscape Contractor in Reno-Sparks


It’s almost March, and we’ve had a stormy start to the year. But for those of you who are already thinking about warm weather and finally tackling those landscaping plans, this is the time to get started. Before the design and planning and permitting and ground breaking is a critical first step that many people overlook—research! There are a lot of landscapers in the area, and it’s worth spending a few weeks considering your options before signing anything. Harris Landscape Construction is here to help. Read on for three ways to find the right landscape contractor for your project here in Reno and Sparks.

Step 1: Think About What You Want

Considering your goals is step one. Even if you’re a little hazy on the finished product, it’s likely that have a general idea. Maybe you want to create more usable outdoor space, update patios or walkways, add a pool, water feature, or outdoor kitchen, incorporate a new patio cover or pergola, or add a retaining wall. Maybe you have drainage issues that will need to be addressed. Understanding what you hope to accomplish will help you find the right kind of landscaper for the job.

Step 2: Explore Your Options

Jump online to search for landscapers in your area, and you’ll have no shortage of options. Take time to look at reviews, compare portfolios, check for licenses and bid limits, and confirm that any company you’re considering has the skill set and credentials for the specific scope of work you might be considering.

Many people are surprised that landscapers vary in terms of their licenses and services. If you’re planning on hardscape additions, such as patios, walls, walkways, fireplaces or fire pits, pools, pergolas or patio covers, make sure you go with a landscape construction company and not just a landscaper. The former has the right licenses for this kind of work.

This is a good time to get recommendations from friends and families, especially if they had similar work done. Once you have a short list of companies to call, here are some good questions to ask:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • What sort of licenses do you have, and what do they qualify you to do?
  • What’s your bid limit?
  • Can you share names of past customers who will recommend your work?
  • Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee?

Step 3: Follow Your Instincts

A particular company could come highly recommended and generally tick all the right boxes, but if you don’t feel confident after meeting, listen to your gut. You’ll be working closely with your landscape company for this project, so you should feel comfortable that your expectations for reasonable communication and timelines are aligned.

The Takeaway

A successful outcome for any landscaping project comes down to making the right decision about the company doing the work. In Reno and Sparks, Harris Landscape Construction has the experience, licenses, bid limit, and team for a smooth and well-executed landscape project that will bring your dreams to life. Contact us today, and let us answer all of your questions about our services and specialities.


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