4 Tips For Finding the Right Landscape Company for your Reno Project


The snow may (still!) be falling, but according to the calendar, spring is officially here. And that means warmer weather really isn’t that far off! If 2023 is your year for finally tackling those outdoor projects, it’s time to find the right landscaper for the job. Schedules start filling up quickly in the spring, but you shouldn’t trust your landscaping dreams to just anyone. Luckily, the pros here at Harris Landscape Construction in Reno are sharing four tips for finding the right landscape company for your Reno project.

Clarify Your Goals

While you may not know exactly what you’re after, you should have a general idea. Ask yourself a few questions:

Spend some time thinking about what you want so that you can zero in on the right kind of landscape company for the work and find one with a demonstrated history of similar projects. Remember, landscape companies come in various shapes and sizes, and you want to be very clear that the company you hire has the training, experience, bid limit and licenses for the job.

Do Your Research

A quick online search will show you that there is no shortage of landscape companies in the Reno area. But again, that’s a broad term. A landscaping company may be exactly what you need for routine lawn maintenance, but a landscape construction company with an in-house landscape architect is what you want for large-scale outdoor projects. And as with anything, you tend to get what you pay for. Prioritize companies that offer services in line with what you need, instead of going with the cheapest price.

Think Outside the Box

Shop around to see what big and small companies offer, and always keep your goals in mind. If your vision includes big additions, such as the installation of features like patios, walkways, walls, fireplaces or fire pits, pools, etc., make sure to look for a licensed landscape construction company, not just a landscaper. Landscape construction companies maintain all the licenses necessary for this kind of work, and that’s important.

As you narrow down your options, ask specific questions:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • What sort of licenses do you maintain, and what kind of work do they qualify you to do?
  • What’s your bid limit?
  • Do you have past customers who will recommend your work?
  • Do you offer satisfaction guarantees?

Trust Your Instincts

You may love the website, but if you meet someone from the company and you aren’t impressed, trust your instincts. You should expect good communication skills, patience as you talk through your goals, excitement about making your landscaping dreams a reality, and creativity. They should be happy to answer any questions you may have. If that’s not the case, keep looking!

The Bottom Line

The success of your landscaping project is directly dependent on choosing the right company for the job. Your project deserves a contractor that has all the right skills and experience. That’s the best way of ensuring things will run smoothly. In Reno, Harris Landscape Construction has a long track record of successful residential landscape projects and many happy customers. We’d love to answer all of your questions about our services, experience, specialties, licenses, and bid limit. Contact us today, and let’s talk about what you have in mind!


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